We're just like you, regular people!

Being a family run business, we know what it is like to be in our customers shoes, hence why we pride ourselves in outstanding customer service, regular communication and most importantly, impeccable repair work to your vehicle.

Unfortunately, this industry has been given a bad wrap in the past, but as generations pass, people grow, so do businesses & the way we choose to run our business.

We aim to help you have a smooth and pleasant experience from the start, hence why we have our management team who will assist you in lodging claims & making a painful experience a pleasant one.

We have highly qualified staff who are dedicated to ensuring your car is in the best of care at all times and that all repairs are done properly with out state of the art machines, paints & tradesmen.

Why choose us?

Being a family owned & operated business, we have control of the quality of work we do compared to the huge repair centers. We NEVER compromise on the safety & quality to your vehicle at any cost.

Our management team is run by 3 brothers, all in which have the same passion & vision. Customer service, quality work and of course, cars!

We ensure that each repair is as cost effective as it can be without compromising the safety or quality to your vehicle.

This is achieved by having quality tradesmen who are highly educated in the field they are in, top of the range machinery with laser point precision to ensure that your car is fitted up correctly & of course, the best quality paint & ceramic coating available in the market.

For your convenience, all repairs and paint carried out by us has Lifetime Warranty.

To hear what some of our customers have to say, visit our testimonials page!

I can’t say enough good things about the boys at Koudsy Body Works. The repairs to my Range Rover were beyond my expectations, and I have to say my car looked better than when i picked it up from the showroom! I had a terrible accident which luckily, my car took the damage, not me and Charles was fantastic about helping me lodge my claim & ensure that the right care was given. Thank you!
— David A. North Ryde NSW
I had dropped my collectable Porsche into Koudsy Body Works as I had heard they are the go to place for classic restorations, and I have to say, they delivered well beyond my expectations! The level of care and craftsmanship that went into the body repair and paint work was astounding, never in a million years would I have thought my vehicle would turn out to look the way it does now. THANK YOU!
— Michael L. Terry Hills NSW